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As easy to use as an optical magnifier but with a superior, unprecedented contrast level.  Different backgrounds and selectable magnification levels make reading a pleasure again.  And what's best, you only need one hand to operate MAXLUPE MINI.  Place the magnifier directly on your document and start reading.  The display is always in focus.  Searching for the right distance and the right angle belong to the past.  Also, the wireless TV transmitter allows for easy switching from the built in MAXLUPE screen to your TV screen.


MAXLUPE MINI features:

  • TV Adaptor (no wires, uses radio transmitter to interface with TV)

  • Portable

  • 4X-35X magnification

  • Full Colour

  • Reverse Contrast 

  • 3 Colour Selects

  • 2.5 hours usage time (1.5 hour recharge)

  • Easy 3 button configuration, simple and user friendly

  • 2 year warranty



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