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At Home Assessments

This At-Home-Assessment in no way replaces the examination, assessment, counselling and training that normally is involved in a Low Vision Assessment by a Low Vision Optometrist.  It is recommended that anyone with vision problems seek out their Optometrist for assistance.

We realize that, for various reasons, Low Vision Optometrists are not available to every individual and as a result this At-Home-Assessment is designed to provide assistance in obtaining a close approximation of the magnification strength that may assist you until you are able to find a Low Vision Clinic.

Follow these steps

Step 1:  Print out these 3 instruction sheets.  Instruction Sheets

Step 2:  Click on Magnifiers in the column to the left  and enter the size of print you can read  

Step 3:  If you need assistance in finding a magnifier that may help you look for one here.

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